Monday, October 29, 2007

My Family Came to Visit!!!!!!!!

To start things off I must say I am about to leave Columbus for the time being. Over the past new weeks a lot has happened for me. My parents were able to come see me play a game finally and I was given my first start against D.C a week ago.

My parents came to town when we were supposed to be playing David Beckham but all we got was a L.A team but no David. It was a great weekend. My parents were able to meet both my host families this summer along with my dog Buffy.

I didn't play in the regular game but played the whole game in the reserve league. It was good to finally show my parents that I have hopefully improved a little bit since they last saw me play. I played the whole game and we killed the L.A team 5-0. I didn't score but had one great shot.

We have also played New England and D.C United. I didn't play in the New England game but I was given the start against D.C for our final of the season. I played left back and I thought I played well. I think I could have done better but my legs were so tired even at halftime. I thought I was in better shape. It was awesome there were 24,000 people. The picture is of me up against the Minnesota memorial next to the Washington Monument. My roommate Adam and I were able to go see some of the sites around there the day we left since our hotel was like five minutes away.

Since then I have done a few speaking engagements to share my stories and the gospel and they have been a blast. I am finally getting comfortable to share in front of 100 people. I now just have to work on organizing my thoughts. I normally just share how God is working in my life and how I some how made it to Columbus to play for the Crew. It basically is all about trusting God.

I am also working on finding a new business idea. I have been searching the web and magazines for new ideas about a cool new business model that I can develop but have had no such luck. I think I am too picky. I have thought about starting up a new eBay business but have not found good suppliers for that so I don't know what I am going to do.

The last week we had all off. I needed to help my body recover from the year. I was also asked back to the team so that is good. I am hoping to go to Ohio State to get my MBA possibly next year as well. Pray that all go well with that and they accept me. I need to start studying again I feel like my brain is getting dummer hahaha. Also pray that I make it home safely. I have been having trouble with my car so I had some work done to it and seems to be running great.

God Bless

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