Saturday, July 19, 2008

West Ham - What?

I have not written in a while simply because not much has really happened in Columbus. I have not been playing much this year and it has been frustrating for me. Tomorrow we play West Ham a team of the English Premier League team. It should be a great test for us since they play the MLS all-stars next week so they will probably play there full team. I am going to be starting the game and finally be getting a look in my native position, left defense. I am looking for some prayer as tomorrow will be a great test for me.

Also this weekend my church that I have been going to out here is having there annual young adult camping trip/conference. Please pray that everything continues to go well at the conference. I have not been able to stay overnight with my small group because of practice. :(

Monday we are doing a outreach for my team. A bunch of us are going paintballing at a fans farm. There will be about 12 Crew players, which will be awesome. It should be a great time for fellowship as well as a time to let the Spirit work in a few non-believers that will be coming.

Oh yeah, one last thing why I have not really written is I have kind of found a little special someone out here. Please pray for her as well. Columbus is the last place I ever imagined finding anyone, but it happened and I love it. Her name is Megan.

I will try to update more frequently.