Monday, May 7, 2007

First Day in a New City

I have finally arrived in Cleveland. My trek began on Friday with my drive home to MN. I then got up on Saturday and drove to Chicago to stay with my sister Alissa for the night. We went out to dinner with her friend Keith (weirdo) at the Weber Grill downtown Chicago. On Sunday I drove to Cleveland. I was fortunate enough to get a speeding ticket on the way, which is always fun. I also went through $20 in toll money which is insane.

I played with the team today for the first time in practice. They are probably about as good as the guys at Creighton. We then had a Bible Study on how soccer and our relationship with God should be one. I thought it was really cool.

The picture on the left is of myself and Aaron. Aaron Tredway is the goalie for the team and President of Professional Soccer Ministies. (The organization that I am playing for)

I finally got to hangout with the guys a little and I think they "accept" me. A few of us went to the beach today and had some fun. Some of the guys started throwing mud at each other. It was bad news. On a lighter note.....

I have been fortunate with my host family. They are awesome. They have a pool table, ping pong, and Foosball. They are really nice. They have four kids and I will be the oldest brother for the summer. The ages are 17, 15,12, 8. They are all boys except for the 8 year old, she is the cutest little girl ever. Thing are looking very bright.

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