Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I would like to thank everyone that has been praying for me. I can really see some prayers being answered. Over that last week I have had a many things happen. On Friday my friend Kaitlin came down to play a game in Akron, OH , which is only 20 min from me. It was nice to see her again and to talk to her. Things are going well for her. Her team beat the Cleveland Internationals.

On Saturday, I started again for our soccer game. I did not feel very well so I wish I played better. I played left back and played the whole game. It kind of stinks because I was given my opportunity but did not take complete advantage.

After the game I went over to my friend Jason's house to hangout. It was nice to see a familiar face again and to talk about life. He just came back from a vacation that toured China.

On Monday, We flew to Kansas City, MO for a Open Cup game against a Professional Development League team. We won 4-0, but I strained my groin on Monday so I didn't want to play very much in the game because I should leaving soon to tryout with the Crew. My dad was also able to come down to see me play and to meet my coaches and team for the first time. After the game I went out with my dad and my friend Sara from college. My friend Sara came in town to see me play and to go to Worlds of Fun which is similar to a Six Flags. We then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Cleveland Cavilers lose again.

This week I finally have been really anxious to play. I want to be able to show these guys how well I can play. I have yet to play close to my potential out here. Pray for me and wish me luck.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This weekend I was presented with a special offer as many of you have heard. I was put on loan to the Columbus Crew for a game against the Chicago Fire. I will start however, with what happened during the week leading up to the big weekend.

During the week I was able to work hard to earn a possible starting spot on the team. In practice I tried extra hard to make sure my coach saw a reason why I came to play in Cleveland.

My team also saw our reserve team leave for Haiti this week. I have been praying for a guy on the team who is struggling to find himself. He is hoping God will show him awesome things while down there. I am anxious to see how his life has change while in Haiti. It used to be the richest country in the western hemisphere at one time in history.

My team also went to Harrisburg, PA, which is about five hours away. We played a game on Saturday and I was able to start. I played 75 or 80 minutes and even had an assist. After the game we left to go back to Cleveland and got in around 3:30 am.

I left for the airport at 8:30 in the morning on Sunday to fly to Chicago to play for the Crew. Alissa and I went to the Columbus Crew vs. Chicago game and I had an all access pass to anywhere in the stadium.

Monday morning was the big game. I was not expecting to play a whole bunch. The coach called on me to start. I played the whole game at left back. I thought I played alright but new I could play a whole lot better. After the game the coach asked if I would be interested in coming and practicing with them or basically tryout. I said I would love to - so pray for me that when they watch the game tape they will see that I actually played really well. Oh yeah, Alissa was able to attend the game as well so we have some pictures if you would like to see.

It is amazing how up and down I could feel in just a few weeks. Until next time.