Saturday, July 14, 2007

Team in LA and I am in Cleveland

I found a new host family so I must thank everyone for all their prayers. The family lives in a sub in northern Columbus. My new temporary mom, Donna, works at the local church. They go to a Nazarene church so it is similar to one that I went to back home. My new host dad's name is Chuck he is a fun -interesting guy - (good thing). They have two daughters living at home. One is 21 and the other is 19. We all seem to get along which is awesome. They all have a very sarcastic personality.

I am continuing to pray that I can become closer to my fellow brothers on the my new team. I am also praying that God will bless all those on the team that have not come to understand what I believe. I would love if everyone would continue to pray for comfort and for guidance as I try to establish some type of weekly Bible study on the team.

The picture is of my previous host family from Cleveland. They where such a blessing so I have high hopes for my new family. I will continue to pray that God will keep on blessing them as they move forward in a new direction as my old host dad takes on a new job.

As many of you know I didn't make the travel team this week for our game against Chivas in LA. I was however, thankful that Coach took me aside and talked to me. Everyone needs encouragement every once in a while. He said I needed to keep plugging along and it would come. This past week was rough in terms of practice. I didn't play as well as I had been playing. I needed to relax and play my game. This advice was what coach told me and I will take it to heart to see what next week brings.

Pray for my team, myself, and our fans. I believe I can make a big impact in this new city, Columbus.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Offical - Columbus Crew

It has been a busy last week weeks. Sorry I have not written in a little over two weeks. I have been all over the east coast and have even switched teams. I will talk about that later.
A few weeks ago we (the Cleveland City Stars) went on a long and grueling road trip. We started in Charlotte, NC for a night with a host family and then left the following morning to Wilmington, NC for our game. We tied 2-2 and we could have totally score more. It was frustrating. The same night as the Wilmington game we drove back to Charlotte because we had a game the very next day.
After checking into our hotel at 3 am we were able to get a little bit of sleep. Before our game we had an unusual thing happen. We had chapel with the Charlotte Eagles the team we were playing. It was a unique experience as I had never done anything like it before. The game did not go as planned we totally dominated, but we lost 1-0. After the game I was able to meet up with a few friends, Lulu and Julia.
The Charlotte game was on a Saturday and we had an Open Cup game on Tuesday again the Richmond Kickers possibly the best team in our league. We happened to lose that games as well. It means we are out of the open cup.
In a week we drove 2200 miles in total. On Wednesday of this week I decided to switch teams and move to Columbus, OH and play for the Columbus Crew. It is a good opportunity for me. I arrived in Columbus on Wednesday night and was able to practice with them on Thursday morning. I have now signed everything I needed to sign and should be added to the roster on Tuesday July 3rd.
Overall, things are going really well. I would however like to ask for prayer requests. I need to find a host family down in Columbus in the next two weeks. I am getting paid more in Columbus than in Cleveland but I want to be able to interact and impact a family. So please pray that I can find on in the upcoming days.