Monday, September 24, 2007

Something New

It has been almost a month since my last post and many new and exciting things are happening for me. I have a new roommate, Adam, he moved in the first week in Sept. Things have been going very well for both of us. I am hoping that we can bond a little bit more since we only have another month left together. Adam and myself were able to find a small group at our church. It is perfect for us. We meet on Ohio States Campus. It is great because the small group I was going to before had to many married couples and that made it hard to relate to everyone. The group we go to is called O2 because we need Jesus just like we need Oxygen.

As for soccer, it has been going really well for me. I have been playing really well and have been catching the coaches attention finally. When we played the Kansas City Wizards my coaches were thinking about starting me in the first team game. It was funny because our coach has been calling me Jacob because I reminded him of this All-American at Indiana who now plays for the Colorado Rapids.

This up coming weekend brings up come new and exciting news. My parents, brother, and possibly my sister are coming into town for this weekend's game. We are playing the LA Galaxy so it should be a good game. I am not sure if I will be suiting up but hopefully I will.

The reason why I have the HOPE picture on top is I think I still have a chance to play here. We will have to see. I keep on praying for God to bring me my big break.

Hope all is well. Thanks for praying for me.

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