Thursday, January 31, 2008

Entering my second year with the Crew, First Offical Year

I thought I would simply catch everyone up with what is going on in my life and what is currently happening. I moved back to Ohio and just started playing back with the Crew about a week ago. I believe I can make something happen his year on the team both on the field and off. I am more comfortable around the guys. I now know how things work. We have a very busy start to the spring season coming up. The season officially started on Monday, the 28th. We have been playing indoor at this place with the field turf and my knees are taking a beating. We are going to some incredible places this spring so I am super pumped to travel with the team. We start out in Florida and stay there for 15 days. Then go to LA to hangout with Beckham and company, but that is not even the highlight. We are then traveling to the United Kingdom to go train with Blackburn or Everton in the English Premier League. It is going to be an awesome experience (I can't wait). We finish off the trip going to New Orleans. In all we have eight weeks of preseason and I am gone for seven of them.

I will miss everything back in Columbus.

I am living with the same host family until they kick me out which will probably be sooner than later. Things with them are going really well. I can't complain too much. The dog is still annoying sometimes but cute, my host mom still does too much for me, and my host dad has not been around too much since I have moved back in.

As for prayer request......

1. A few members on the team are going to read through Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis. We need prayer that God will bring us closer together and closer to him.

2. Also I am thinking about buying a new car. My current car works fine at best. It has a few problems but nothing major. It gets me around. However, the Crew has a really good deal with a local dealership so I am thinking about getting a new one so I can take advantage of the offer.

3. I am looking to get more involve with my church and my team. I need some guidance on what role I should play.

I hope all is well and God Bless,


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newarkbrooke said...

hey andrew, i'm excited you're back in columbus. hopefully we'll get to meet again since we only met like once. i'll def be praying for those requests! good luck with everything this season!