Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Long Last Two Weeks!!!!!!!!!

These past two weeks have been super exciting. I have officially moved in with my new host family in Columbus. I have also gotten my first minutes with the Crew as well in the past few weeks.

To start things off I will talk a little picbit about out the ture to the right. My new host sister recently got married. I was "lucky" enough to attend the ceremony. It was a cute little wedding and reception. Currently, my host family is out of town and in Tennessee for a family vacation. I also took one my host sisters and her friends to the Zoo for an event for the Crew.

I also had a couple of Crew games over the past few weeks. In particular I had a game vs. Aston Villa. I was able to get my first real minutes for the Crew. Granted I only played 2 or 3 minutes at the very end I still made an appearance. The very next week on Tuesday we played my old team, the Cleveland City Stars. The score was 2-1. We won. I was also able to score probably the best goal of my life. I received the ball about ten yards outside the eighteen years box and I shot the ball in the upper right corner. I was English Premier Style. I hope I can find some video of it.

This last weekend, the team traveled to Chicago. I did not travel with the team but I believe things are going well for me. We have incredible depth. I also have been talking with our team Chaplin about getting more involved with ministry on the team and around the Columbus area.

I have a few prayer requests. I never believed being a professional athlete would be so fulfilling while at the same time lonely. I would like continue prayer for some close Christian friends around my age. I also would like to have people pray that I can play consistently in practice. Right now that is my biggest weakness. One more thing, I would like prayer for my team that they will open up to the light. If you would like me to give you more personal prayer requests just e-mail me.


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